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The Ustream-Helpers Website

Helper Workshops: The Chat Client

How To Use Ustream's Flash Chat
A workshop to help you run and, Understand Ustream's Flash Chat better.
By JimmyMac (June 2008)

1. Chatroom Controls, Modes, and Information

A. Moderateing Chat

One of the basic things Ustream has set up is chat

moderation. What chat moderate does is makes the chat

so only registered nicknames can talk in the chatroom. If

you want this feature off there are two ways of doing this.

You can ether turn it off Temporarily or you can turn it off

Permanent. To turn Moderate off Temporarily Type !moderateoff , To change it back so only registered

nicknames can talk type !moderateon. To Permanentally

turn chat moderateing off please follow this. On any

ustream page while logged in go to "My Shows" Then

Click the "Advance" tab, look for "Require viewers to register to chat?" make sure the clickable "No" button is

selected, Then click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the


B. Chat Censor

Ustream Flash Chat allows you to keep a Censor on your

chat. This gives your visitors a cleaner environment to

chat in. By default, words like curse words will be

<censored> out. To turn the censor off type !censoroff and, !censoron if you want to turn the censor back on.

C. Setting A Chatroom Topic

A Chatroom Topic is Text that you set as a topic that will

appear at the top of your Chatroom no matter how much

people talk. To set a Chatroom Topic,

Type !topic ThenTheTopicYouWant

(Example !topic Politics )

D. Need Help With Ustream Chat?

If you need help with anything Ustream related Type

!help or /join #help ,in Your chat, You will then be

redirected to Ustreams help chat where there will always

be someone there to help you out.

E. F.A.Q

a. Getting Spammed or Flooded and You Can't Control Your Chat???

If you are getting Spammed, Flooded, and you can't

control your chat type !911 in your chat, This will alert Ustream Helpers, to come to your chat and

help out.

b. How To Join Any Ustream Chatroom On Just

One Flash Chat

Did you know you can Join any Chatroom that is on the ustream server on just one Flash Chat? If you type /join #ChatNameGoesHere You will be directed to that chat. (Example: /join #help ). Don't

worry when you Join another chat, The chat you

type this in and the new chat your joining will

appear in Tabs above the chat so you can easly

navigate threw all your chatrooms.

c. What Is The Ustream-Bot???

The Ustream-Bot is a Bot ustream has made that will help you run your chat better. For all the !Commands the Ustream-Bot has to be in your chat in order for the commands to work.

d. Why Isn't The Ustream-Bot In My Chat???

In order for the Ustream-Bot to be in your Chatroom

you have to have at least 3 people or more.

2. Controlling People In Your Chat, Private Messaging

People and Signs Beside Peoples Nicknames

A. Op'ing People

Ustream Chat allows you to let users help you by

moderating your chat, When you Op a user, Make Sure

you trust this person because they will have powers to

Kick/Ban people from your chat, Make other op's, And

Set modes in your chat. To make somebody Op there

are two ways of doing this. You can ether make them

Temporarily Op, or Permanent Op. To make someone

Temporarily Op, Find there name in the User's list on the

right side of chat, Right click there name and select

"Make Op". To take there Op status away, Right Click

there username in chat and select the "DeOp" button.

To make someone Permanent Op Go To any ustream

web page while logged in and click "My Shows", Then

click the "Advance Tab" then look for "Persistent chat

moderators". Under that should be a search box, Type in

the nickname of the user you want to make a Permanent

op, Ustream will then search all the nicks that are close to

the nick you enter, After it has searched all nicknames

click the nickname you want to make Permanent op.

Then Click the "Save Changes" Button at the bottom of

the Page. Now every time that user joins the chat they will

become a Op.

B. DeOp'ing People

To DeOp people right click there name and Click "DeOp".

To DeOp someone on your Permanent Op list, On any

ustream web page while logged in, Go to "My Shows"

click the "Advance" Tab in under "Persistent chat

moderators" Remove the Nickname you don't want on

Auto Op anymore.

C. Private Messageing People

You can Private Message people on ustream Flash chat

by Double Clicking there Nickname in the Chat User List

and then a Room will pop up in your Flash Chat where

Only you and the person you selected will be able to talk

in private. To go back to the Chat Room Click the Tap

at the top of the chat with your chat name on it.

D. Signs Next To Peoples Nicks

In Chat people have a sign next to there name most of

the time. Signs mean different things. Here's a list of all

the Signs and what they mean.

~ Host

& IRCop or Ustream-Bot

@ Chatroom Op ( Can Kick/Ban or set Chat Modes)

% Half Op (Has Most of the Powers a Op Has)

+ Voiced (Nick Has Been Registered at Ustream)

No Sign means there not on a registered Nick

E. How To Change Your Nick Name

If you want to change your Nickname while in a

chatroom type /nick NewNickGoesHere

(Example: /nick bob123 )

F. F.A.Q.

a. Someone has Op status and I Didn't Give it

To Them???

If someone has Op status and you did not give it to

them, ether one of your op's gave them the statues

or that person is a IRCop.

b. Someone Claims To Be A Helper at Ustream

If you want to see all the Helpers at Ustream go to

the ustream Help chat (#help )and whoever has &,

@, or % is a Ustream Helper, They will help you

with whatever you need.

c. What Is A IRCop???

A IRCop is a Op on every chat on Ustream. You

can trust these people, IRCop's are well picked by ustream staff. A IRCop can op there self so dont be

alarmed if somone has Op status in your chat and

you didn't give them the status. IRCops usally have

a & sign next to there name if there not @ (op)